The traditional eagle hunting tournament “Kansonar” has acquired an international status. This year approximately 50 hunters with eagles from all regions of the country as well as from Hungary, China, Mongolia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan gathered in the Burabai resort. According to the rules of the Republican Association of National Sports, the assessment was based on the equipment of burkitshi, the appearance of raptors and their ability to hunt prey.


 - In comparison with the rules of other states, our rules are up to date. We do not harm animals. We do not hunt rabbits, foxes and wolves. We use a special method of domesticating birds of prey. We attach to the horse a 50-meter rope with the skin of the animal. We watch how the exercises like ‘kolga shakiru’, ‘shynga tartu’ and free flight are performed. When the bird is released, we measure the time and speed of the flight by a stopwatch.

The organizers of the tournament highlighted that Kansonar is one of the oldest types of hunting which begins with the first snow. Year by year such competitions are gaining popularity abroad. The owners hardly consider how much the birds cost since they symbolize continuation of the craft of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. The birds of prey have become the family members for the burkitshi.


 - This is not my first competition. We take part in different competitions. I got prizes at many tournaments with this eagle. This tournament was held at a high level. I can say that the competition is organized at an international level.

The international Kansonar 2017 tournament was dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan and the memory of the legendary burkitshi, Masip Batyrkhanuly. As a result of the competition, Kanat Shulenbayev, a representative of the Akmola region won the tournament.

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