Kazakhstan’s National Museum is hosting an exhibition devoted to works of the Brothers Grimm. It features illustrations of such world known fairy tales as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Cinderella’ and many other. Bright scenery allows visitors to immerse in the world of magic and expectation of a miracle. Among the exhibits are personal belongings of the famous writers, interior items and books. Members of the Grimm Brothers Society have been preserving the storytellers’ unique heritage over 100 years. They brought their collection to Astana with the assistance of the German Embassy.


 - This exhibition recreates the atmosphere in which the Brothers Grimm worked. There are fragments of wallpaper from the writers’ house, drawings and sketches of their younger brother. Valuable exhibits include books, among which you can find the first dictionary of the German language. In addition to writing fairy tales, the Brothers Grimm were engaged in the development of philology, jurisprudence, mythology and historical science. Their contribution to culture is invaluable.

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