The solo exhibition titled ‘I’m here’ by famous Kazakh artist Leila Makhat was opened in Astana. The large-scale exposition includes picturesque and graphic works, which are accompanied by installations and the author’s text collection. The Kazakh national motifs are reflected in the master's works.

According to the artist, Kazakhstan’s applied art served as a source of inspiration. Leila Makhat is the author and curator of the Kazakh and international projects. Her exhibitions were showcased in the USA, Italy, the Czech Republic, Japan, China, the Netherlands and etc. Most recently, the artist successfully presented her work in Austria and Liechtenstein.


 - My activity in other countries gave me an idea that I made a very big break in solo exhibitions in Kazakhstan, in Astana. Since I create to tell about my culture, all my works are connected with the history of Kazakhstan. It seems to me that it is very important to convey the features of the modern Kazakh art to ensure that they are understood overseas.

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