Kiev choreographic collective performed enchanting and graceful Kazakh dances as part of the unique festival of peoples of the world Dances оf The World. Spectators were fascinated by the plasticity of the "Steppe Birds" dance performed by the Ukrainian "Silk Way" studio. The dancers noted that Kazakh rhythms inspire, and the melody and bright Kazakh costumes create an unusually romantic atmosphere.


- This performance "Steppe Birds" conveys the sense of breadth of the steppe, probably some abundance of air, space, freedom, which is around. Movement, plastic, and the pace of the dance show it. The dance creates an impression of the freedom of the people who perform this dance, their love for nature and the world around them.

The festival has also featured Argentine tango, Georgian rhythms and the oriental dances. The traditional event is held in Kiev for the fifth time. The goal of the project is to learn about the culture of peoples through national dances and the character of the performance.


 - We want to show the diversity of the world first of all. Spectators might become interested in certain culture and wish to see that country. Spectators’ first encounter with the nation’s culture happens here. They see Kazakhstan for the first time through the dance, and then they can travel to some country, they will become interested.

The organizers say that the festival unites different people on the stage, shows the beauty of national dances, ethnic features and reveals the character of the peoples of the world.

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