Astana is hosting the exhibition of famous Kazakh artist Zulkainar Kozhamkulov "Our Everything" at the Khas Sanat art gallery. The exhibition includes portraits of Kazakhstan’s famous people, politicians and public figures like Nursultan Nazarbayev, Bauyrzhan Momyshuly and Olzhas Suleimenov. Moreover, portraits of stars of the Kazakh stage and cinema, specifically, Shaken Aimanov, Shamshi Kaldayakov, Bibigul Tolegenova, Roza Rymbayeva and Batyrkhan Shukenov can be found in the exposition.


- Why we organized this? We did this to show our roots that shouldn’t be forgotten. There are 22 fresh paintings. The paintings’ genre is popular art, which is new to me. I decided to choose this genre because we need to show our time.

The artist used techniques of a monumental painting and decorative arts based on psychological and visual characteristics. The master’s unique perspective is observable in in his paintings.  The works embody deep feelings which attract visitors’ attention by its unusual approach to depicted personas.


- It is a great honor to be here. This is a great lesson and help in mastering our profession. We should visit such exhibitions to get more information and to learn about the intricacies of organizing such expositions.

Today Zulkainar Kozhamkulov’s works are very popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also overseas. His paintings can be found in galleries of the US, Germany, Mongolia and South Korea. Residents and guests of Astana can familiarize with the works of the Almaty artist until November 1.

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