The exposition of ancient exhibits opened in the Ile-Alatau ethno village

The exposition of ancient exhibits opened in the Ile-Alatau ethno village. It is located in the scenic canyon of Alma-Arasan near Almaty. The facilities reflect the century-old history of Kazakh culture. Scientists believe that the female headdress kimeshek, a man's hats made of felt kalpakh, the saddle of a rider from pure silver and forged chests have great historical value and are of interest to tourists.



- Development of ethno village is necessary to attract tourists overseas. It also contributes to the development of domestic tourism. In conditions of a metropolis and agglomerations our children learn about culture and history of our nation from books and TV broadcasts. Also, now they have an opportunity to see everything with their own eyes.


Exhibits are always replenished at the ethic village. Various exhibitions devoted to historical epochs, cultures of regions take place. Foreign tourists are always happy to visit Ile Alatau national park.



 - I really liked the kamcha presented here. All these hand-made products, framed by stones, are very rare. I saw them for the first time. The exhibits are amazing.


In the future, organizers are planning to open a Scientific and Practical Center for the Preservation and Development of Kazakh Culture on the basis of the ethnic village.