Unique expositions in Kazakhstan’s national museum attract more and more tourists. Over the past two months, more than 120,000 people have visited the museum. Valuable artifacts and exhibits, which are included in the World Heritage Fund, have attracted many history lovers. Each of ten exhibition halls of the museum represents different periods: from modern to ancient times. Some of the most popular sections are the ones hosting the famous Golden Man, precious finds of ancient burial places and settlements.



 - We are very impressed. It is a beautiful city. We can tell there is a lot of investment going on in culture and education. The people are wonderful. Everybody is very friendly, very open and we are very impressed by the buildings and constructions, the organization and everything.


This year, the fund of the National Museum replenished with hundreds of originals from the world’s most famous galleries, collections and Hermitage. Almost every day, the museum hosts international exhibitions. Visitors can see the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The exhibition of the ancient Chinese civilization will be available until September 10th in the country’s main museum. As experts note, since the beginning of EXPO 2017, a number of visitors has grown significantly.



- The flow of tourists during the expo has doubled. 3500-4000 guests visit the museum per day.


All visitors can access the museum which is one of the largest in Central Asia. Every day more than 400 guides introduce guests to unique monuments of culture and history. Guided tours in a form of special programs, interactive classes and games are organized for the visitors.

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