Exhibition of paintings by a famous Kazakh artist Sagyntai Alimbetov has opened in the capital's gallery of contemporary art. The exposition focuses on the history, lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people. The works of Sagyntai Alimbetov are many-sided, and they do not fit the typical fine art. Some of the works are full of realism while others are futuristic with elements of symbolism. His art themes are history, myths, and stories. However, all the paintings are united by the author's unique style, expressed in unusual colors.


- This painting reflects the entire history of the Kazakh people. I depicted Korkyt, who embodies the rich cultural heritage of our people, camels symbolize the nomadic lifestyle of the Kazakh people. Travelers in dresses of different styles represent three different hordes.

Sagyntai Alimbetov is a member of the Union of Artists and Designers of Kazakhstan. He continues to please the art connoisseurs with his talent for almost 40 years. His paintings are kept in private and public collections around the world. Exhibitions of his works took place in Russia, Europe and Kazakhstan.

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