The state brass orchestra of Kazakhstan visited the capital as part of a tour. Kazakhstan’s famous brass band gave a concert in Astana as part of EXPO 2017. The virtuosos performed the famous Kazakh works by Shamshi Kaldayakov, Tattimbet, Latif Hamidi in a modern and unusual arrangement.


- The brass band is very democratic. It can perform in various genres. Many perceive a brass band as performers of either a military march or the waltz in a square, in fact, the palette of music it can play is much larger and wider. Today, the Orchestra will perform in different genres.

Soloists of the brass band were the highlight of the evening. They performed their favorite folk songs as well as works of contemporary composers.


Today I perform the ballad of Vladislav Parpibayev in the words of Olzhas Suleimenov. This ballad is "The Execution of Makhambet". My teacher People's Artist of Kazakhstan Gafiz Yessimov had performed the ballad previously and it turns out that as a successor Im a soloist of the State Brass Band and I will perform the same ballad. Most importantly, this ballad will be performed in Astana for the first time.

The state brass band was founded in 1990 in Almaty. During this time, 200 concert programs had been established there. Today the team composed of musicians, laureates of international and republican competitions successfully work and are well known not only in Kazakhstan but also overseas.

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