Famous Hollywood actor John Malkovich visited Astana. This is his second visit to Kazakhstan. During his stay, the two-time Oscar nominee got went to see the EXPO 2017 and met with the students of the Kazakh National University of Arts. During the meeting, a symphony orchestra, ensemble of dombra players and Aiman Mussakhajayeva, People's Artist of Kazakhstan performed for the special guest. After the concert, John Malkovich spoke to the local journalist and shared his impressions about the Kazakh capital and the Eurasia international film festival he took part in.



 - Movies have kind of moved on from the time that there was sort of only Hollywood and some European films now there are festivals all around the world. There are lots of films from Asia, especially, they are very strong. I’m sure the years to come there will be from Middle East, from Africa and etc. There are already a lot of filmmakers, people and movies.


Malkovich admitted that in the future he dreams of traveling all over Kazakhstan to immerse himself in the Kazakh culture and learn the customs of the nomads. The actor also told about the adaptation of Waiting for the Barbarians by the South African-born Nobel laureate J. M. Coetzee. He also said his friend Hollywood producer Michael Fitzgerald is working on this project. Currently, the location of the filming is being negotiated and Malkovich mentioned the possibility that Kazakhstan might become the movie location.

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