Famous countrymen presented the ancient items at the Zhezkazgan history museum. Owing to the share for a collection of historical artifacts, the funds have been filled with hundreds of exhibits. For example, this accordion was made in 1912 and the museum staff had searched it for a long time. The descendants didn’t want to part with the family heirloom quite a long time. There are legends about how Taizhan Kalmagambetuly played the accordion for which he was called the Nightingale of Saryarka.



 - I can’t imagine him without harmony. He went for holidays and everywhere he took an accordion which was a part of him and his continuation.


The Ybyrayev family kept this hat in memory of a great-grandfather. In 1913, as a representative of the Kazakh people, the Buzau parish with the hat went to the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs' house.



 - We rent and don’t mind about it (hat or accordion?). Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will come here and see this.


Special rules of storage are required to keep some antiques. Mostly only the museum can provide the conditions. It prolongs life of rarities and historical memory of the descendants. After the restoration, new artifacts will be allocated in the exposition of the museum and will be available for the spectators.

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