EXPO 2017 attracts not only innovators, but also those who appreciate unusual culinary delights. 14 cuisines of the world presented their unique dishes, specially for gourmets.

The smell of fragrant pizza, the unique taste of traditional pasta and the courteous Bon appetit! A chef Mario tells that the Italian spirit begins with the cuisine. He has been creating culinary masterpieces for 60 years. Residents of America, Rio de Janeiro, China, Milan as well as visitors to the expo in South Korea enjoyed his delicate dishes. This time the Astana residents and guests will try the Italian cuisine.



 - We have spaghetti, pizza and any kind of pasta. Really Italian, we take from abroad, from Italy, we prepare. I hope everybody comes. First important thing is to make everybody happy.


Mario says the main rule of a cook is to make visitors happy. He ensures whether he likes the food and explores the peculiarities of the culinary miracle.



 - We didnt know that the best Italian chef cooks here and it's a very pleasant surprise for us. The expo gives a tremendous opportunity to see a variety of culture and especially, the cuisine. Since a huge assortment of different restaurants and bars is presented we can feel the true taste of the cuisine.


There are many things to try. There are Chinese, European, Russian, American, Czech and Iranian cuisines, and even exotic - Pakistani, Angolan, Jordanian, Malayan and Afghan. Rich assortment was presented in the Kazakh national cuisine.



 - We have three types of beshbarmak: western fish beshbarmak, the northern style horse meat beshbarmak, and the southern – mix of horse meat and mutton. We also cook kuyrdak, lamb dishes, dairy products, and sweets.


Foreign tourists liked Kazakh cuisine, the restaurateur says, but tastes differ. So, Asians preferred manti, Europeans – kuyrdak and the Americans enjoyed Kazakh meat. Rashid Baibulatov is not the only local caterer at expo town. In total, there are 25 restaurants and 33 kiosks on the territory of the exhibition.



 - There aren’t any benefits for foreigners. Everyone works on equal terms. Moreover, a foreign investor is obliged to organize a legal entity in Kazakhstan and pay taxes in full. In view of the fact that the volume of investments was big, and they will not be able to return the money they invested, we concluded five year contracts with all of them.

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