Entrepreneurs set up monuments of Kazakh batyrs and akyns at their own expense in the villages of Eastern Kazakhstan. Recently, three monuments have been opened in the Tarbagatai district. One of them is a 7 meters high monument of Abai Kunanbayev. The author of the statue, Alibek Shokanov, is confident that the sculpture will always be crowded. Literary evenings can be organized where young people will be introduced to the works of the great Kazakh poet.



- It took two months to build the sculpture. Before, we had been looking for the poet’s image for a long time. We reviewed already existing monuments of Abai on the Internet. It was very difficult. I hope I managed to show the power of the great Abai.


Monuments of two famous countrymen were discovered in the Manyrak village. One of them is dedicated to the akyn Arimzhanu Zhanuzakuly. The second monument belongs to Dauletbai batyr. It is known that Dauletbai batyr was famous for his strength and heroically manifested himself during battles against the Jungars.



- All monuments were installed at the expense of entrepreneurs. We spent budget funds for the improvement of adjacent territories only. I want to highlight that two more monuments will be installed in the Aksuat village this year.


The Tarbagatai district hosted a significant event of a presentation of the book by Shakerkhan Azmukhanbetov who is local. The residents have already called the edition a true encyclopedia of history of motherland.

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