Astana hosted an exhibition of works by masters of calligraphy. The Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture organized an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy at the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. The exposition includes more than 40 works including masterpieces of famous Turkish masters like Ahmed Karahisari, Mahmud Jalaluddin, Mehmed Aziz, Mehmed Nazif and others.



- The art of writing goes back to the basics of writing the Holy Quran. There are more than 30 different types of writing in Islam. There are special rules of writing letters, the size, distance between the lines, fantasy and each letter should carry spirituality.


Every work requires the author of high accuracy and patience. International competitions define the best ones in this unique profession of a calligrapher.



 - Our organization conducts calligraphy contest every three years. At this exhibition we presented works that won prizes. IRCICA is an organization of Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture. We plan to implement a number of joint projects with Kazakhstan.


According to the organizers, the exhibition will give impetus to the development of calligraphy art in Kazakhstan. The grace and lightness of the lines are available for the capital’s residents and guests until August 17th at the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.

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