Art critic from Mangystau region, Berdikhan Almen is implementing a new project. He is writing a book about Kazakh songwriters and composers named ‘Lyrics and Music’. He wants people to know the names of authors that were forgotten or remained unknown.



 - Singers become popular because they are always in the public eye but composers and songwriters often remain unknown. My goal is to show such talents to young generation. I am planning to publish a book about all unknown Kazakh composers and songwriters. It will be my a contribution to my region’s culture and history.


More than 80 composers were found in Mangystau region. 20 of them were invited to a concert. The audience picked up the tune of familiar songs.

Bekzhigit Serdali came from Turkestan. He is the author of many songs that were popular in the 1980-90s.



 - Until now, I have never received any payment for the songs I’ve written that were sung almost everywhere. My main award is that people loved these songs.


All these composers don’t have any musical education. Some of them are farmers, some are engineers or oilman but people love and still sing their songs.

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