A popular French photographer and traveler Loic Lagarde conducted parallels between Astana and Paris through famous architectural structures. His personal exhibition opened in the capital’s Has Sanat gallery. Approximately 40 works are taken during EXPO 2017. Electrical engineer by education Lagarde has been professionally engaged in photography since 2012. At present, he is one of the top ten photographers in the world and is considered one of the most influential one with more than 250,000 subscribers on social media. Loic has visited more than 50 different countries and now he’s discovered the beauties of the Kazakh capital.



 - First of all, the reason why I came to Astana is because my photos exhibited in the French pavilion. This gave me great opportunity to discover Kazakhstan and the capital Astana and I have time to photograph playground. I enjoy to discover Astana with my western French eyes. I saw a lot of angular buildings similar to Paris.


The photographer is planning to visit other cities of Kazakhstan, take photos of natural landscapes and then to showcase them in Paris. Best photos dedicated to Astana will be published in the photo album after EXPO 2017. The album will include Lagarde's works too.

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