How to make the right dombra so it would bring joy to listeners with its perfect sound for many years? The Aktau craftsman Nurzhan Mussayev knows about these secrets. He has been making musical instruments for twenty years. Every instrument is unique in its kind. Sometimes it can take six months to create one dombra.



 - Beautiful sounds can only be heard from a dombra that has been crafted professionally. The instrument must be made according to all the laws of acoustics. The dombra’s form depends on the region. In the west, you can often see the drop-shaped dombra, while in the East you can find the angular dombra.


Dombra can’t be made from a simple billet. The wood and its breed should be chosen carefully. Nurzhan Mussayev prefers to work with walnut, aspen and mahogany. He constantly improves his skill, starting at the age of 15 when he made his first instrument. Professional musicians highly appreciate his work.  



 - If a dombra is made correctly with soul, then its sound will be flawless. Nowadays, only few people can make a musical instrument of this quality. Nurzhan Mussayev is one of such craftsmen.


It is true that talented people are talented in everything. Nurzhan Mussayev successfully combines the dombra manufacture with acting career. The master had more than thirty roles in the regional Music and Drama Theater. Nurzhan Mussayev is very passionate about dombra and is always happy to play his favorite compositions that have survived through the ages.

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