An amazing synthesis of the Baltic and Kazakh cultures was featured in the exhibition of the famous Lithuanian artist Asiya Radaviciene named "Magical World" that was opened in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The artist was born in Kazakhstan and has lived in Lithuania for the last 28 years. She has her own gallery and an art studio in the center of Vilnius. In her canvases, the artist depicts the expanses of the Kazakh steppes, the mesmerizing height of the Alatau mountains, the depth and coolness of the Lithuanian lakes and rivers, Ancient Egypt and other. The artist brought 10 paintings to Astana.



 - These paintings are based on Kazakh folk poems, legends about batyrs, on mythical characters like Tulpar. They are inspired by deep nostalgia for the homeland, its sands, lakes, like Lake Shalkar, beautiful steppe oases. As for the Lithuanian paintings, they are based on wonderful folk tales and religious holidays.


The works of Asiya Radaviciene attract with realism, bright colors and fresh ideas. The paintings show the ability of the author to see the beauty in ordinary things. The artist also writes poems that also stimulate her creativity.



 - After attending her exhibition, people feel very positive, feel rested. This is the transfer of cosmic energy. Astana is hosting EXPO 2017 "Future Energy" this year. Asiya fits into the theme of this ecxhibition because she came with the spiritual energy of the future.


The works of Asiya Radaviciene were exhibited in her hometown, in Aktobe, as well as in Turkey and in the pavilion of Lithuania at the EXPO 2017. Kazakhstan's National museum visitors can also see the artist's paintings.

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