Republican ethnic theatres festival has come to an end in Astana. It is held twice a year. Winners in ten nominations were identified in four days. Plays were staged in six languages.



 - We have many good news this year. Troupes from South Kazakhstan and Akmola region joined us after a long break. They were warmly welcomed back by the jury and their colleagues.


This year, the festival was full of experimental interpretations of famous plays. For instance, the realistic drama 'Without a Dowry' by Aleksandr Ostrovsky was turned into an avant-garde karaoke melodrama. The play won the Best Scenography nomination. The award for "Best Director's Work" was given to "Scenes from Faust". The staging of the State Republican Korean Academic Theater of Musical Comedy "Is It Easy to Be a Queen?" was nominated as "The Best Performance".



 - I usually do not watch my performances because I'm scared. This time, I decided to see everything from beginning to end. The actors played amazingly. From the reaction of the audience, it was clear that they liked the production.


Festival participants said they received not only recognition, but also an opportunity to exchange their experiences, and learn about the culture of different ethnic groups. This, according to artists, is one of the main awards of the festival.

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