The national day of Malaysia at the EXPO 2017 was held on a grand scale. The country's pavilion looks like a rainforest with butterflies that reflect the main philosophical idea of the exhibits. The proverb says that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. Even one person's actions can have an impact on the entire globe. Therefore, Malaysia calls for developing green technologies. The Southeast Asian state is the leader in the production of solar panels. The country generates 22.5 % of the required electricity from the sun and water energy. By 2030, this figure should reach 25%.



 - This section shows Malaysia's achievements in renewable energy sources. For instance, this is a water energy installation. Water energy is widely utilized in Malaysia. There are seven big and five small hydropower stations. We will increase their number to 20 by 2020.


Delegates from Burkina Faso intend to find potential investors at the EXPO in Astana. The West African state, whose economy is almost entirely based on agriculture, plans to develop green technologies. The country has already implemented some projects in this sphere. They use solar energy in the illumination of the city streets. This was reported by the representatives of Burkina Faso during the opening of the national day. After the traditional ceremony, the delegates presented their pavilion, featuring souvenirs and jewelry, dishes and traditional clothing made of cotton, the main export product of the state.



 - We would like to express gratitude to our president for the opportunity to participate in the EXPO 2017 in Astana. I think that the theme 'Future Energy' is quite interesting for any nation, especially for us because our country has the hottest climate. We are planning to build solar power stations and hope to find business partners here.


The Republic of Ghana marked its National Day as well. It is a small African state with an amazing culture. Artists from Ghana performed made a special performance on the expo town stage. A business forum was held after the cultural program. Ghana presented several interesting projects in its pavilion, including an artificial lake in the tropical rain forests of Ghana and a mock village that gets energy from the sun, wind and biogas.

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