A well-known German publishing house, Verlag Neue Musik, with a 60-year history issued the notes of the musical composition of the Kazakh composer, Rakhat-Bi Abdisagyn. He became the first author from Kazakhstan whose composition entered the prestigious catalog.



-  Our catalog has English, Chinese, Italian composers, but Rakhat-bi is the first from Kazakhstan. We are very happy about this! I see that he has a special style and special music. I was impressed by the fact that his music has a special structure and mathematical precision. It is full of poetry and passion. It's difficult to combine, but it works great with Rakhat-bi. We are very glad that we have a contract.


Bright, talented and extraordinary Rakhat-Bi Abdisagyn who is also nicknamed  the Kazakh Mozart doesn’t stop to surprise his fans. When he was18 he had already completed his master's degree in music. He has written more than 100 pieces. Rakhat-Bi’s compositions were performed at the best concert halls of  Europe. Now he got recognized by the Verlag Neue Musik publishing house.



-  The fact that the legendary German publishing house is publishing my work demonstrates that we speak one language with the world! My great dream is to glorify Kazakhstan, to make Kazakhstan recognizable worldwide, in particular to make our young Kazakh composer school take a worthy place on the world arena.


The high professionalism of the Kazakh composer is also recognized by Reinbert Evers. Famous guitarist, professor of the University of Münster from Germany played "The Shadow of the Alhambra." Rakhat-bi wrote this composition upon his request.



-  Once I asked Rahat-Bi if he could write an arrangement for me and he did. I played the piece today. This is a completely new music. This is a complicated work. But Rahat-bi feels the instrument. He delicately feels the details. He is a very talented composer. It is very rare to have such talent, especially at this age. I want to wish him success!


The virtuoso technique and talent of the Kazakh composer was appreciated in Berlin. The audience enjoyed a concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Germany. Connoisseurs of art said that the performance by Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin was a real gift for them.

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