Who are the urban nomads, how do modern nomads live and what are they striving for? Kazakh designers and craftsmen tried to find answers to these and some other questions. The result of such symbiosis is presented in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. A new exhibition has been opened as part of the joint Kazakh-British project. Kazakh designers and craftsmen have presented unusual, but conceptual solutions to ordinary items. For example, this bag made of real felt transforms into a folding tablecloth for a picnic, moisture resistant paper utensils are not only easy to use, but also environmentaly friendly. Kazakh masters have also presented moisture and wind resistant stylish clothes, hats, and accessories. All exhibits combine features of the nomadic lifestyle and modern minimalism.



 - We organized a contest and invited young fashion designers, craftsmen who work with leather and wood and graphic designers. We randomly divided them into groups and offered some ideas we thought would be most relevant to convey the lifestyle urban nomads.


"Urban nomads 2.0" exhibition will be open for one month, then it will move to Almaty. The organizers are planning to launch the most popular exhibits in the mass production. Urban Nomads exhibition is a continuation of the joint project of the British Council with the Kazakh-British Atomik Architecturе studio. The first exhibition from this cycle was held in London last year, and attracted more than 12,000 visitors. The exhibition also entered the program of the International Festival of Architecture and Design. The same success is expected at the further stage of the cycle. 

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