A stroll through an Energy Corridor, a visit to a Dream Theater and train ride from Beijing to Astana are the surprises that await the visitors of the Chinese pavilion. A visit to the pavilion is like a mini-tour from the past to the future. Since ancient times, the Chinese have used alternative sources of energy. For example, this is a  water wheel of the Song Dynasty. Hydropower drives a large spinning wheel by significantly increasing production efficiency. This ship belongs to famous traveler Zhang He. Owing to the wind power, he made 7 trips to the western part of the Pacific Ocean on his sailing ship. Later, the largest deposits of coal and oil were discovered and nuclear power plants were built. In the 21st century, China returns to nature again. Development of alternative energy is becoming an important state policy.

Wind, hydro and solar energy are actively developing in China. The Chinese pavilion features the newest developments in these areas. The latest achievements of science can be found in this hall. One of the main exhibits is the superconductor Tokamak, which is an international project. Its goal is to obtain thermonuclear energy with the help of solar power for peaceful purposes.



 - International thermonuclear experimental reactor. It will be constructed in France.

Housewives will find a lot of interesting things in the Chinese pavilion. For example, this refrigerator is a new generation. It consumes only 0.48 kilowatt hours per day. This is a smart washing machine. It not only does laundry, but cleans the used water.



I love physics, so I really liked everything presented here. In the future, I plan to seriously engage in renewable energy.


The journey to the future doesn’t end here. China has prepared a rich cultural program. 24 Chinese regions will organize their thematic days.

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