Mangystau region is called an open air museum. One third of Kazakhstan’s historical monuments are located in this region. Ethnic village was opened here to attract more foreign tourists. It is located on the intersection of several tourist routes, which means the visitors will be able to see the most interesting places of the region.



 - We offer spending a night in the Kazakh national yurts. It is a house without corners, a real yurta, staying here is worth of spending a week in a resort.


The ethnic village occupies 6 hectares of land. There are 10 yurts, an orchard, arbours, a café with national cuisine that offers beshbarmak, kuyrdak, shubat and kumys. The organizers are planning to launch horse riding trainings for tourists and introduce them into Kazakh national crafts.



 - I feel like I am in a real Kazakh village. They serve national food. You can have some tea with baursaks outdoors. It is a great experience.


Tourists also go on excursion to see the valley of shaped stones. These are multi-toned stone formations of bizarre shapes that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Another option is to climb the Sherkala Mountain. The Great Silk Road used to stretch along its foothills. The three sides of the mountain look absolutely different. One side reminds a giant yurta, the other side looks like an overturned bowl and the third – as a sleeping lion. Tourists also can visit underground mosques. The highest peak in Mangystau served as a signaling tower in the ancient times. It used to be set on fire to signal threat or danger. Warriors used to repel attack here. Nowadays the peak gets set on fire only on Amal holiday, local New Year.



 - Such excursions let our young people learn about the origins of our statehood and independence, to weave a connecting thread between the ages.


Mangistau was included in the list of EXPO 2017 routes. While tourists will be traveling across the Mangyshlak peninsula and learning about its historical past, scientists and archeologists will continue searching for answers to thousands of mysteries the region has.

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