Modern Kazakh artists presented their masterpieces in Astana. Joint exposition of Bakhyt-Nur Berdesbekov, Adilgali Bayandin and Abai Chunchalinov has been opened at the Military History Museum as part of EXPO 2017. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the rich Kazakh culture to the residents and guests of the capital city. The portraits of great warriors, famous historical figures and the most beautiful women of the Great Steppe conveyed the spirit of the past times. The paintings have special masculine energy, the canvas depict real battles, warriors in armor, armed with swords. According to art critics, authors, members of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, tend to symbolism and abstract expressionism. Their unique style has long been known and recognized in the U.S., Germany, Canada, Turkey and Korea.



 - 16 paintings are exhibited here. I mainly paint domestic settings, battles, plot compositions in realistic style.



 - I try to depict the images of our great ancestors on the canvas. I paint in my own style but try to retain the true spirit of the past for younger generations. I want my paintings to be distinct from other. A painter always looks for his or her own style. I think the best painting is of course the portrait of Shamshi Kaldayakov.    


According to art critics, the artist didn’t just depict all the richness of the Kazakh culture but also reflected the deep inner peace and a philosophical view of the past and future of Kazakh people. The Kazakh artists’ exhibition will be open until September 15th.

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