Altyn-Emel State National Natural Park of the Almaty region has joined the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The headquarters of the organization approved the application in Paris, during the 29th session of the International Coordinating Council, Man and the Biosphere. Altyn-Emel was founded 20 years ago which stretches over an area of ​​more than half a million hectares. The park is a unique site. It consists of various natural landscapes and ancient archaeological and historical monuments. Aktau Mountains surprise with their shape, color and deposits of the remains of ancient dinosaurs which are kept at the bottom of once splashing ancient sea.  The necropolis stores the Sakha kings, particularly, the Besshatyr burial mounds. Unique singing sand-dunes attract tourists. In dry weather the sand produces melodic sounds similar to the sound of an organ.



- The number of tourists was around 1,000 people in 2007-2010. This year we have a very large number of tourists, approximately from 5,000 to 10,000 people a year. A very large flow of tourists is expected this year because of the expo.



- Kazakhstan has a variety of peculiar landscapes.  We can visit mountains, desert and sea in a short time. Service is good and we can see that everything is well organized.


The diversity in flora and fauna is another feature of the natural park. The national park has a number of endangered species. The population of kulans has reached almost 3500 and once there were only 27 heads. The number of Przewalski's is also growing from year to year. The number of gazelles has increased as wel;. Now there are almost five thousand gazelles inhabiting the park.



- We conduct a comprehensive accounting. If we look at the trend, there were 3,040 heads in 2012, which means an increase of 5-6% each year. Today, we are introducing a three-year program for resettlement of kulans to other specially protected areas. We are also planning to introduce a tugai deer in the park.


The Altyn-Emel State National Natural Park is one of the most visited places in Kazakhstan for foreign tourists. The Park’s entry into the world network of UNESCO reserves ensures not only the preservation of biodiversity, but also provides an opportunity to conduct scientific research at the international level and thanks to which many mysteries of this unique corner of nature will be revealed.

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