The Bapanovs artist family presented their works in the newly opened exhibition in Astana. Saule, Alibai and Agyn Bapanovs presented felt products, tapestries, and paintings. Works of different genre have a common feature, the connection with the Kazakh culture. There are motifs of Tengrianism, images of animals and nature. 



 - We have united these works with one theme "Motley threads of Tengri" dedicated to our long-awaited son Aspan, his name means the sky. The exhibition was organized in honor of him. Why Aspan? Because I work with myths and symbols that coincide with the world view of our ancient ancestors.

Saule Bapanova makes felt compositions. Her felt processing techniques are similar to ancient. The craftswoman always tries to bring something new into the works. Her son Agyn works with computer technology. Some of his stories are about life with his family. The pictures reveal the power of love for the wife, the child, and the parents.



 - The Bapanovs are a truly talented Kazakh family, bringing up their children in the creative atmosphere. This exhibition is listed in the «Recommended by EXPO» events, and I think that Astana visitors will enjoy it.  

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