Cirque Du Soleil has presented the Reflekt show. The Canadian team had prepared a unique program for 9 months. The artists will demonstrate the exclusive show 70 more times throughout the exhibition which is specifically created to display in Astana. The show with spectacle beauty and scale is a symbiosis of the modern view of mankind to the near future and national coloring. There are clothes which are decorated with the Kazakh ornaments, music accompanied by dombra and kobyz as well as the golden eagle hovering throughout the show. Cirque Du Soleil is famous for its principled refusal to use animals in the performances. This time the entire show is created exclusively by human energy which means in the theme of the exhibition. Electric bikes completed the idea of ​​green energy.



 - I just love Kazakhstan. You gave them a lot of love and this is why they are so happy and smiling to perform for you and this is the most amazing thing you can give them. They know and they want me to thank you for them


Music, costumes and scenery, everything in the show is thought out to the smallest detail and is done taking into account the national features of the Kazakh culture.



- The premier tomorrow we are going to present in front of full house, 97 people. I will let Daniel


A separate pavilion was built specifically for the show by Cirque Du Soleil. It can accommodate up to 2,000 people simultaneously. More than half of the tickets are sold for the next shows.

The two-hour performance include a variety of shows from dances to fire-shows. 38 artists performed on the stage. More than 150 people work on the Reflekt project.

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