Astana is hosting the fifth international festival of theaters, “Sakhnadan Salem”. Ten Kazakh and foreign theaters are taking part in the annual event. This year, the festival is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Azerbaijan Mambetov which is timed to the international specialized exhibition. Theatre troupes from Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan will showcase their best performances. Famous critics, playwrights, arts and culture personalities from Kazakhstan and the CIS countries are invited as well-known guests. Artists of the Zhastar Theater, Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators, Maxim Gorky Russian Drama Theater, and the Orenburg State Regional Drama Theater are winning the hearts of the audiences. "Shynyrau" and "Kasiret" performances by Mangystau and North Kazakhstan Regional Musical Drama Theaters promise to be spectacular. Melpomene of the Zhambyl temple will show the Don Juan comedy. The drama "Karash-Karash" by the Kuanyshbaev Theater will close the festival.



- Great performances of different kinds are shown on the stage of the Zhastar Theater, the other plays are presented on stages of the Gorky Theater and the Kuanyshbaev Theater. The peculiarity of this festival is that we don’t determine winners instead the emphasis is put on the discussion and theater communication. Therefore, theater critics and theater experts from different regions and countries are invited.

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