Large-scale art and crafts fair was held in Astana as part of EXPO 2017. More than 100 craftsmen from all over Kazakhstan presented their works in ‘Sheber-Keruen’ fair. There were musical instruments, clothing, felt products, jewelry made from eco-friendly materials. Everything was made in Kazakh national style.



 - Crafts fair is the place where artisans show and sell their handicrafts to people who really love such unique things.  Not everyone buys such goods but only those who appreciate crafts. This is a huge opportunity for craftsmen. 


Along with national and traditional items, there were absolutely unusual goods at the fair. This engraving is a real find for collectors. This design method originated in ancient China, and became popular in Europe in the Middle Ages.



 - First, we draw a sketch, and then clean and shape it. Then we engrave the wood or linoleum, cut out with special burins to make a print. Then we correct the defects and do the finishing.


Crafts fair is a joint project of UNDP and Kazakhstan’s Craftsmen Union. It was launched a few years ago. This fair was held for the fourth time. The fair organizers also help artisans to start their business and train them. Crafts are reviving and becoming more popular in Kazakhstan nowadays.

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