Astana is ready to surprise the visitors of the EXPO 2017 with gastronomic delights. Capital cafes and restaurants have prepared carefully for international exhibition and can please even the most demanding client. There are 60 food outlets only in the territory of the expo city. These are restaurants of both Kazakh cuisine and national institutions of the participating countries.

For example, the kitchen of the restaurant will be visible so that guests can see the best of Italian culinary traditions. Only the top quality products will be presented including a huge amount of pasta, meat products, cheeses and wines.



- Actually, the menu is more of homemade Italian food with the author's accent. The Milan EXPO menu inspired me when I was interning there. The menu was designed according to homemade recipes with the author's accent, too. The guests were international, too. But the tastes were familiar to all.


This restaurant offers the Kazakh cuisine: beshparmak cooked by chef, baursaks and hot tea. Every meal is served with small information about it. The restaurant’s administration believes that visitors will feel comfortable in such interior, which is designed in Kazakh traditional style.



 - The food will be served with bones and large pieces of meat in a traditional style. The cook will help a visitor to cut the meat if necessary, so the guest could see the process of serving Kazakh dishes and how to chop the meet. We will explain peculiarities of every dish.


Catering is organized in a way to satisfy various tastes. Organizers have chosen those catering facilities whose work is based on excellent service, low prices and extensive experience.

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