Street artist from Kazakhstan paints in Times Square in New York. Kazakhstan citizen mastered the spray paint art several years ago and now paints in front of millions of tourists passing Times Square, the main U.S. attraction. Askhat Akylbayev creates masterpieces in front of dozens of bystanders just in five minutes. The young man has learnt this street art technique while being a student. Askhat remembers his roots, meets with countrymen and celebrates Kazakh holidays and Gennady Golovkin’s victories.                                                                                     


 - I always see billboards of Gennady Golovkin’s upcoming fights on this building. This is cool! The photo of our singer Dimash was on that building. I was pleased to see famous Kazakh celebrities’ photos in Times Squre. People ask where I am from. When I say that I am from Kazakhstan they say ‘Wow! Kazakhstan!’ They have a good impression of our country. They want to my country. I am proud to say that I am from Kazakhstan.


Friends of Askhat want to visit Kazakhstan as well. The Moldovan Roman told about the painting technique of the Kazakh street artist.



 - This is the painting of his homeland. His buildings are sharp. He uses other combinations of paints, not same as I do. People working next to us are interesting personalities. A Japanese artist sits next to me. He paints very beautiful portraits, he is also a sculptor. An artist who worked right here, the Chinese Ai Weiwei became famous. He creates installations now. Soon comes our turn to become famous. 

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