ЕХРО 2017: Eros Ramazzotti, 30 Seconds to Mars, Limp Bizkit and Steve Aoki are expected to concerts

Over three thousand cultural and entertainment events are expected within the framework of the expo.  A special program was showcased in Astana. Visitors and participants of the exhibition will visit many bright shows, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. According to the organizers, there will be a great emphasis on diversity of the Kazakh heritage and culture. In addition, the capital will host a number of concerts of foreign performers, rock bands and world-class DJs. Eros Ramazzotti, 30 Seconds to Mars, Limp Bizkit and Steve Aoki are expected to perform. Russian popular performers like Polina Gagarina, Bi-2 and Mumiy Troll will arrive for the expo. The guests of the specialized exhibition will enjoy masterpieces of classical music. The capital will host a series of concerts like “The New Life of Traditions" and the Great Gatesby ballet. Perhaps, the most spectacular and exciting will be the opening ceremony show, Symphony of the Great Steppe. The multi-faceted visualization of the Kazakh people’s history will be showcased.



 - To let more people enjoy the show, we will hold the ‘Symphony of the Great Steppe’ show five times. More than 600 artists are involved in this incredible massive show that reflects our traditions and culture. The music was composed specifically for this show; we will also include the Kazakh composers’ works


Another highlight of the EXPO 2017 cultural program will be the performances of Cirque du Soleil. The artists prepared a grandiose acrobatic show named as ‘Reflekt’. It will be held from June 16 to September 9. According to the organizers, the story is based on the history of nomadic culture. The spectators will see a mythical narrative, consonant with the theme of the exhibition, renewable energy sources and the aspiration of humanity for a bright future. Cirque du Soleil will organize more than 70 performances.



 - The request was to prepare a show that was inspired by Kazakhstan culture and inspired also by the future energy we will have traditional music, we are inspired by traditional music we have our music composer that will give you more. We have 38 artists I remember well from 17 countries.


In the future, the circus Cirque du Soleil is planning to include the ‘Reflekt’ acrobatic show in its tour program.