Nauryz, golden eagle hunting, thin bread recipe and the Kazakh national wrestling are in the list of the UNESCO Heritage. Kazakhstan summed up the results of 25 years of UNESCO membership. According to Kazakh Minister of Culture and Sports, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Kazakhstan has been an active member of the UNESCO for all these years. The republic promoted such initiatives as The Year of Cultural Rapprochement and the International Decade. The first section of the Great Silk Road, the Western Tian Shan, entered the list of UNESCO Heritage last year. According to specialists, Kazakhstan and UNESCO will continue cooperation in this sphere.



 - We nominated Tian Shan, the first section of the Great Silk Road. The next one will be Syrdarya with its legendary ancient cities: Otyrar, Turkestan, Syganak, Sauran. A massive work needs to be done. It took nine years to nominate the first section. We closely cooperate with UNESCO. I think that the most important mission now is to replenish the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The UNESCO World Heritage List was replenished by a number of objects of Kazakhstani cultural and natural heritage, including The Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi, Tamgaly petroglyphs, ‘Saryarka – lakes and rivers of northern Kazakhstan’.  Barsakelmes, Aka Zhaiyk, and Katon-Karagai entered the UNESCO biosphere reserves network.

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