The unique sound of brass musical instruments will wrap up the celebration to be held from the 4 to 6 July. The annual international festival "Astana Samaly" will be traditionally a large-scale event bringing together teams from different countries to compete for the title of the best brass band. Astana will be represented by the State Academic Philharmonic Brass Band.



 - The orchestra was founded in 2001. We have already marked the 15th anniversary of our orchestra. At present, the orchestra is finishing its 16th season. We are preparing for the annual international festival ‘Astana Samaly’ to mark Astana Day.


This year, the orchestra gave many concerts in Astana. Their repertoire ranged from Brazil guitar ballads, rock music and jazz to Kazakh kuys.



 - I’ve worked in orchestra for seven years. We have performed many times over these seven years. Our soloists are great professionals and laureates of various competitions and festivals. We always try to diversify our repertoire tom please the audience and work hard on it.


The orchestra is planning to perform more unusual mixed variations of popular compositions. The musicians are looking forward to participating in Astana Samaly festival as it gives an opportunity to exchange experience with foreign musicians during rehearsals and master classes. 

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