Mukhtar Baibossynov opened a personal exhibition in Astana. He has been preparing for it for five years. The artist presented nearly 20 graphic paintings and portraits. There are portraits of Akhan Seri, Birzhan Sal, Dina Nurpeissova and other Kazakh musicians and composers. 



 - Having worked for five years on this project, I wanted to portrait our great Kazakh composers, zhyrau and akyns in a new interpretation, in a stylized, compositional manner to recreate the plot of the performed songs.


Every painting by Mukhtar Baibossynov is unique. The artist doesn’t just paint the portraits of famous Kazakh composers, akyns and kuishy in his own interpretation but looks into their inner world. The paintings make the viewer feel the smell of the steppe grass and hear beautiful melodies of the Kazakh dombra.



 - Each painting, each portrait is dear to me in its own way. Every portraiture required individual approach, I had to convey individual features from life, activity, lyrics, love and drama of each personality I was drawing. Therefore, almost all the work was carried out individually, with special interest.


The images of many musicians had to be restored bit by bit from archival materials, chronicles from documentaries and additional literature. Mukhtar Baibossynov tried to perpetuate their image in a modern manner so the younger generations remembered the spiritual heritage of their ancestors.  Guests and residents of Astana will be able to visit the exposition within two weeks. 

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