Astana concert hall hosted a literary and musical evening held to pay tribute to the great Kazakh scientist and educator Shokan Ualikhanov. As the experts note, he was not just a historian, geographer, traveler and ethnographer, but also a researcher of the rich musical and poetic creativity of the Kazakh people. Shokan Ualikhanov studied the peculiarities of the improvisational art of akyns and the rhythm of the Kazakh verse. The concert program featured the music of Ualikhanov’s childhood, including kyui "Kairan, Elim" and "Kara zhorga" of the great scholar Abylai-khan, as well as the music of his contemporaries.



 - Shokan Ualikhanov studied the works of Kazakh kobyz players, starting from Korkyt ata. His ancestors were musicians as well. He wrote essays, composed a list of kuys he used to listen. He admired and was friends with such composers as Tattimbet, Birzhan-sal, Zhayau Mussa. Therefore, this concert was aimed to show Shokan Ulikhanov’s connection with the Kazakh national music.


According to scientists, Ualikhanov's talent opened up fully in the manuscripts dedicated to the Kyrgyz and Kazakh epics "Manas" and "Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu", excerpts from which were also read at the evening. The concert demonstrated the value of Shokan Ualikhanov’s rich legacy and revealed another side of his outstanding personality.

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