Historical expedition visited Orenburg. Historians believe that this place is hiding lots of historical artifacts and can unveil new facts. There is a historically important building in the city center, the place where the first and the second congresses of Alash party took place.



 - Alash Orda was formed at those congresses. They were held after October and February Revolutions. According to historical data, congress participants discussed controversial issues, trying to settle the conflict.

Kazakh enlightener Ybyrai Altynsarin studied in this building in 1850-1857. After completing his studies, he opened the first school in Torgai. In front of this building, there is a house of Alikhan Bukeikhanov. The city museum preserved exhibits, which, according to scientists, will help to open new pages of the 20th century’s history. Historians have found a rare document dating back to 1910.



 - There are many documents. For instance, one of the most interesting ones is the letter of Orenburg military governor Perovsky to Khan of Khiva demanding to stop attacking the Kazakhs. In addition, there is a newspaper copy released by Ybyrai Altynsarin.


Archival documents, letters, notes - all this can become a basis for new discoveries in the history of Kazakhstan. Members of the expedition believe that there are still many "blank spots" in the historical records.



 - The expedition is interested in the Kazakh people’s history. There are many valuable historical documents in the archive. Scientists and young students will be unveiling the secrets of Alash Orda formation. We are on the verge of new discoveries.

The expedition is also planning to visit other Kazakh and Russian cities. The historians will also visit Hungary, Germany and Italy. The expedition’s final destination is Paris, the capital of France.

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