Astana hosted a scientific conference titled "The golden man is a symbol of independent Kazakhstan”, devoted to the memory of a discoverer of the valuable artifact Beken Nurmukhanbetov. The scientist devoted his entire life to study Issyk burial mounds. The world’s sensational discovery was the remains of a warrior in golden clothing found in six meters high Saka burial structure. Well-known scientists and public figures discussed the role of the archaeological find in the contemporary history of Kazakhstan. According to the scientists, discovery of a golden man is of great importance and especially, relevant in the light of the article of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness”. One of the sections in the article is devoted to the country’s historical past, restoration and preservation of historical monuments.



- I think that the discovery which dates back to 1969 and today’s article of the president are undoubtedly and logically interconnected. We are now proud of the "Altyn Adam" monument, because it is a part of the coat of arms and a part of other state symbols. Most importantly, the world community, the world historical archaeological science has recognized the discovery of a Golden Man as one of the greatest finds of the 20th century.


 Meanwhile, the world’s leading museums and exhibition halls will showcase the golden artifact. Many countries will celebrate the days of the Kazakh culture. The Kazakh culture ministry hopes that the golden man’s large-scale procession all around the world can increase foreigners’ interest in the Kazakh history and culture. The sacral map of Kazakhstan will contribute to the tourist attraction and to better learning about the country.



- Today, a map of sacral facilities of Kazakhstan recognized as a center of high tourism and pilgrimage is in process of development with the participation of historians, archaeologists, ethnographers and tourist organizations. The sacred map will be available in multimedia applications. The locations will be determined through the navigational instruments like JPS. In addition, the map will be available in the Google search system.

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