"Shertpe Kuy" Center has been opened in Karaganda aimed at reviving the famous performing style of Tattimbet Kazangapuly, Kazakh composer of the 19th  century. He was also the founder of many musical traditions. His musical arrangements were significant with their lyricism. Shertpe was the style of kui performance that he had mastered. Shertpe kui often sounds better when played on an old dombra. The center in Karaganda has centuries-old musical instruments.

Famous dombra players of Saryarka like Sembek, Kyzdarbek and Abiken of the beginning of the 19th century may have played these musical instruments. Shertpe kuy is bright part of Kazakh national cultural heritage. To mark the 125th birth anniversary of brilliant kui performer Abiken Khasenov, Karaganda will host a republican festival which will bring kuy players together ​​from all over the country.



- The President's article is a good support for us.The head of state pointed out that a special attitude to the customs and culture is the most important feature of patriotism. He calls to revive the national traditions and it is what we are doing now. This dombra dates back to 1900-1910. I want to restore it and play the shertpe kui at the festival.

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