218 monuments of history and culture of Kazakhstan are subject to special protection. Tanbaly gorge and Khazret Sultan architectural complex have recently been included in the list of national heritage sites. In recent years, more sites of historical significance have been discovered in the Kazakh steppes. One of them is located at the foot of the Suik-Tobe mountain in the Almaty region. The ancient town of Kastek found here began was founded in the end of the VII century and was a significant city in the XIII century. Archaeological excavations of this region, which began in 2011, made it possible to learn the culture and customs of the people who had lived here. Scientists have discovered household items, musical instruments, parts of weapons, snakes in jars and hundreds of other artefacts.



 - They have a very important historical significance. Therefore in the future we must preserve this site.


Research in the "Boraldai Saka mounds" open-air museum has just begun. The structure of the cemetery, dated VIII-III centuries BC, includes 47 burial mounds, twenty of which are considered large. According to scientists, these are the burials of the Saka and Usun elite.



- In the future, we are planning to open an open-air archaeological park. We will prepare three sites for it. The tourists will be able to go down into the mounds and even take part in the excavation.


Western Kazakhstan scientists are also planning to open an open-air museum in one of the seaside caves in Aktau plan. Local cave features ancient writings on the walls. In the center of the cave there will be a stone yurt. The unique museum will feature information in two languages ​​- Kazakh and English.  The cave is located on the Caspian shore. Visitors of the museum will be able to witness not only the innovative architectural solution, but see the sea directly from the grotto. An unusual project is being developed by the well-known architect Sayin Nazarbekuly with support of the local authorities.



- If my plan is implemented, Mangystau region will attract many tourists. Our land is often referred to as a museum in the open air. Each culture begins with a language, with a written language. Our people have a rich history. In order to realize the idea of ​​"Mangilik El", we must promote our distinctive national culture, especially to the younger generation.

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