Kazakhstan will host an International Cup of KVN with A. Maslyakov

Kazakhstan will host famous Russian television show - international summer KVN cup with Alexander Maslyakov for the first time this summer as part of the expo.  Astana will receive the champions of Premiere League - the teams like «Asia mix", "Kamyzyaki", and “Pyatigorsk.” “Kazahi” will present Kazakhstan.  The popular festival of humor will be held on the first of July. The cultural program during the expo will include nearly 650 events. Most of them will be held in parks, on special sites and in the suburbs of Astana. Large LED screens will be installed across the4 city so that anyone can watch the live broadcast of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Astana EXPO 2017.



 - Stolichny, Student, Zheruyk, Presidential, Ara  parks will host summer throughout summer. This will be called the "Seven Wonders of the Park". Seven thematic programs have been developed featuring characters from Kazakh fairy tales and Disney characters and robots. Shows will be held twice a day on weekends and on weekdays. In total, the parks will host more than a thousand entertainment events.


The city entertainment program this summer will include many concerts and festivals. For example, on the 24th of July, musical groups from Africa, the USA, Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Russia and Kazakhstan will present a concert titled The Spirit of Astana, and on July 15, fans of Italian music will be able to see the3 stars of San Remo. The Kazakh the capital will host local and foreign figure skating stars, who will present an amazing ice show. According to the organizers, the list of entertainment events during the expo is striking in its diversity. Those who will be in Astana this summer will have plenty of opportunity to have fun.