Kazakh artist Serikzhan Yskakbekov has revealed the prowess of the Kazakh heroes and the beauty of infinite steppes in his works. His personal art exhibition is open in Astana. The artist has used 60 canvases to demonstrate a unique national coloring, beautiful sceneries and famous Kazakh historical figures.  Serikzhan Yskakbekov's works are full of patriotism and authentic images that come to live in the painting of the artist.



- This exhibition is the outcome of twenty years of my creative work. In these paintings I displayed all my love to my homeland. Here you can see  blue lakes and breathtaking landscape. I want to leave a legacy through my work for the future generation.


Serikzhan Yskakbekov works in the genres of portrait and landscape. According to his colleagues, the artist’s paintings convey the history of Kazakhstan.



- You can feel a preserved national spirit in his paintings. There is Soviet context of socialist realism in works of local artists but in his paintings we see an untouched Kazakh spirit.


The artist’s name is well known not only in Kazakhstan but also overseas. He had lived and worked in China for many years. His paintings have become a decoration of private and museum collections in this country. Serikzhan Yskakbekov’s solo art exhibition is open throughout May in the gallery of Astana Art Line.

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