New opera «Ayauly Makhabbat» dedicated to Astana has been presented to the local audience. The opera tells about the young people of the Kazakh capital, their aspirations and hopes and in particular their love to the city and their country. The patriotic feelings were conveyed by the students of the Kazakh National University of Arts. The play was accompanied by the symphonic orchestra.



 - This is a significant event. We are staging a Kazakh opera and this year it is played by our students and the orchestra. We’ve made a great achievement because we are staging an entire opera in the Kazakh language with our symphonic orchestra. The opera involves the students of vocal art department and college students who play in a symphony orchestra.


This is the first opera for composer Serikzhan Abdinurov, the author of a number of vocal-symphonic works. Its plot is autobiographical, the maestro says.



 - We have enough historical productions in the genre of opera, symphony, and ballet; I wanted to draw attention to Astana, modern Astana, its rhythm, the heartbeat of Astana. I was one of the first to come to Astana in 1999, and all my further work was connected with Astana, so for me this is a very dear topic.


It took half a year to prepare the production. Every student was trained individually. As a result, spectators were able to see a story about the Kazakh capital city, situated at the heart of Eurasia.

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