Young musician Olzhas Nurlanov will represent Kazakhstan in the 54th International Festival in the German city of Klingenthal. The competition is considered a World Cup for accordionists. This competition brings together only the most outstanding musicians. At present, the Kazakh virtuoso is busy preparing and rehearsing.

By the age of 17, Olzhas Nurlanov had already traveled to various countries and won the hearts of thousands of spectators with his unique talent.



 - I am hardly ever at home during daytime; I come home only to sleep at night. I leave home at 6 am. I am dedicated to may craft. I participate in various competitions, festivals, and concerts. I come back at 10 pm. People always see me with my accordion.


Olzhas has been playing the accordion since he was seven years old. He has won 29 competitions. He took first place in the 4th International Festival of Accordionists in China. When he turned 11 years, workers of Voronezh musical instruments manufacturing plant who admired the young talent made an accordion for Olzhas.



In the Soviet times, competitions like this were as prestigious as flying to space. It is great that his parents and his teacher Damir Sultanov nurtured his talent and helped him become such a great accordionist.


Olzhas is dreaming about becoming a composer in the future. He has recently received a grant from First Kazakh President’s Foundation that supports young talents like Olzhas.

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