Astana classical music lovers had a unique opportunity to enjoy the compositions of the famous Hector Berlioz. Astana opera symphonic orchestra headed by conductor Abzal Mukhitdinov presented a premiere of Symphonie Fantastique by the famous French composer.

Symphonie Fantastique is an amazing composition. It is the first program symphony in the history of romantic music. This piece of music reflected the feeling of Berlioz. The composition didn’t have any primary source; it wasn’t based on any literary work. The composer wrote a plot himself by copying the protagonist’s image from himself. The piece of music tells a story about a young artist who poisoned himself because of hopeless love, but instead of dying he falls into a dream, full of hallucinations.



- I have been dreaming to conduct this symphony for a long time. I have written a musical notation of this symphony back in the Soviet time. I have been keeping it for more than 30 years, and dreamt about performing it someday.


One of the best oboists of the world Italian Gianfranco Bortolato performed at the concert. The recognized artist regularly gives concerts in La Scala theatre in Milan, Turin Royal Theatre and Roma Opera. In Astana Opera, the musician played oboe with the accompaniment of the orchestra.



 - I and maestro Abzal Mukhitdinov agreed to organize this concert in the end of October, when I was performing at the Silk Way Festival. He asked me if I could come back again to perform in the concert. I agreed without hesitation. The joint work with Astana Opera orchestra and the maestro was very fruitful and pleasant for me. It is always interesting to see how the universal language of music works; it has no barriers because all of us are united by one aim – creating music.


Striking in its scale, the concert was a real discovery for true connoisseurs of symphonic music. It involved a record number of the orchestra troupe - more than a hundred people. The performance was also unusual. In the third part, the oboe sounded directly from the hall. This allowed the spectators to plunge into the work of recognized masters of world’s music art.

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