A few minutes before the entrance to the stage, the artists of the youngest theater of the Kazakh capital, Astana Musical, perform their traditional ritual, so they are tuned to the workflow, because the next two hours they have to play a new show on  stage. The troupe has prepared another big premiere “Er Tostik” based on the Kazakh folk tale.

Astana Musical actors have interpreted “Er Tostik”  not as a children's fairy tale, but a dramatic story with a complex plot, where the themes of good and evil, true friendship and love are revealed. The story tells about the struggle of the mighty batyr Er Tostik with the dark forces from the Underworld, whose ruler is the bloodthirsty Temirkhan. To win the battle, the main hero receives help from his lover Kenzhek, his faithful white horse and his loyal friends.



 - This is a very ancient story, which for millennia was passed down from generation to generation. It has survived to our days and has remained virtually intact. It is relevant at all times, because it answers the eternal questions of mankind. What are love, friendship and faith.


The authors took about three months to prepare the play. Kazakh artist and sculptor Aidos Esmagambetov was invited to work on the costumes. He is famous for his unusual silicone sculptures. A whole team of seamstresses worked on the actors’ costumes. They took an average of three days for every set of costume, they revealed. The production is entirely new and completely original. The authors composed a new libretto, music and choreography for the play.



 - The musical combines all genres, there is a symphonic music, and there is pop music. It is a synthesis of such Kazakh theatre and Hollywood. It turned out very well, we pre-recorded the Kazakh folk instruments. Serik Nurmuldaev from "Turan" band and Maksat Medeubek helped me with the kyl-kobyz parts.


The new production of "Er Tostik" has become another original gem of the young theater's repertoire. Colorful action filled with great music, original choreography, live vocals and modern scenographic solutions will certainly attract theatre lovers of all ages. In the meantime, the artists of "Astana Musical" are  continuing to delight and surprise their audience.

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