Yasuaki Onishi’s art exhibition has opened at “Kulanshi Art Space’ gallery in Astana. The artist is showcasing paintings and spatial installations made from hundreds of layers of hot glue. The artist has created an installation in the form of a tree in Astana. Adhesive threads drain from the real tree branches and form ideal and fabulous compositions. The exposition’s main message is to make ordinary objects more visible and expose their beauty.



 - He arrived with a small case and an assistant. It took two weeks to complete the installations. During the process it was hard to anticipate what exactly he was creating. People's attention was focused on Yasuaki Onishi. The artist has his own vision and therefore it was hard to figure out what sort of installations they will be. The artist says that for him it is important not to break vertical emptiness. This is aesthetics, aesthetics of sharp lines, existing curves and open space.


Yasuaki Onishi was born and raised in Japan. At present, the artist works with galleries of Norway, Denmark, Israel and the U.S. The artist came to Kazakhstan at the invitation of Kazakh artist Leila Makhat. "Vertical emptiness" was the artist’s first exhibition in Central Asia. The artist wants to organize joint projects with Kazakh artists in the future.

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