The fifth International young couturier competition ‘Zhas Orken’ was held in Almaty. 43 fashion designers from Kazakhstan and near abroad showcased their collections that were appraised by well-known Kazakh, Italian and Russian fashion industry experts. Contestants are university and college students; therefore, as the jury noted, the collections were fresh and blooming as the youthful spring and at the same time indicated a high level of professionalism. The contestants’ collections were assessed by a number of criteria such as novelty, professionalism and collection’s commercial perspective. The competition winner received a Grand Prix, a cash prize for the creation of a new line of clothing.


- There are many enterprises that need such sort of ideas and fashion designers. These enterprises are here to sign a contract with promising fashion designers, they offer internship as well.

The competition is a good launch-pad for young fashion designers. Last year contestants launched their brands and started working with large companies.

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