More than 12 million people speak Kazakh worldwide. Two million of them are from the CIS countries, and some 1.5 million live in China. The Chinese have become more interested in Kazakhstan since Dimash Kudaibergen’s singing debut. The Kazakh singer has on the hearts of the Chinese audience at the competition “I am Singer” held in China.

30-year-old Chinese Changsha Chen Jinchi says that since he heard Dimash singing he became interested in the Kazakh music. Chen Jinchi is a music teacher and is interested in other cultures.



- I have become interested in the Kazakh language and culture after I started listening to songs performed by Dimash. I didn’t know that Kazakh music can be so appealing. The Kazakh song ‘Daididau’ performed by Dimash was really impressive. I have listened to it many times and every time it moved me to tears.  His singing is incredible. You instantly become a part of his songs. Dimash conveys all the feelings embedded in the songs as he sings. I am planning to sing a Kazakh song but first I need to learn the Kazakh language.

Chinese fans adore Dimash Kudaibergen and follow him everywhere. They never miss any of his performances. Fan club activists videotape his every performance.


I bought this camera to record Dimash’s performances so that other fans could see that as well. I post the videos on social networks, on the official Dimash Kudaibergen fan club. Everyone likes my videos.

Dimash Kudaibergenov took the second place at the singing competition in China. He sang a duet with a Chinese singer Shang Wenjie. The first place was taken by a singer from Hong Kong Sandy Lam. The third place was secured by Taiwanese Lion band.


- He is a winner anyway because he has so many fans in this country and even more in Kazakhstan. In the very beginning, Dimash was hoping to reach at least the middle stage of the competition in order to demonstrate the Kazakh culture, his talent and show what he is capable of. And here we are – he reached the final.

After the announcement of the results of the competition I am a Singer, Dimash told about his impressions. He said that even though he was away from home he had always felt the fans’ support, especially of those in Kazakhstan. The show he took part in let him promote the Kazakh art. Dimash expressed special gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


I want to express my great gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who created the foundation for the development of modern Kazakhstan. This gives us opportunities such as a chance to participate in contests that are popular all over the world.

Dimash Kudaibergen has won the hearts of millions of fans and promotes Kazakhstan across the world, the chairman of the Chinese TV channel Hunan TV says. The channel broadcasted the show «I am Singer» and now they are making a documentary film about the Kazakh singer. According to Liu Huanbin, Dimash performed outstandingly well, he revealed the facets of his talent and drew attention not only to himself but also to his native country.

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